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Living in Uusikaupunki

Muuttajan Uki application

Welcome to your new hometown!

It’s easy to have an active and uncomplicated everyday life in Uusikaupunki - You’ll see!

As a new Uusikaupunki resident, you can get good value for your money by downloading the Muuttajan Uki application. Benefits for new Uusikaupunki residents are a great way for the city and local businesses to welcome you! You can easily get to know our city’s excellent amenities.

You can find all the benefits and the companies that provide them in the Muuttajan Uki app, which is available for free download from Google Play or Apple Store. Companies that grant benefits can be easily identified in the streetscape from the Muuttajan UKI sticker found in stores. The benefits of the app are valid for one year from the date of activation.

Logging in to the app

Your personal username and password can be found on the card sent to you. Please note that some of the letters are in capitals and some are lower case, so pay attention. You can only activate the app on one device with the same credentials. Make sure to keep your received credentials safe. We will not provide new login credentials if you lose them.

For technical problems (e.g. if your account does not work or the application logs you out), please contact

By downloading the app, you can, for example, get a discount on swimming and enjoy the culture. There are also many benefits from local partners. Examples of benefits include:

  • Discounts on cafes and restaurants
  • A free swim for the household
  • Free museum visit for the whole family
  • Discounts on consumer goods
  • Discounts on sports
  • Discounts on services

Download the app and take advantage of your own benefits. It really pays off.