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Living in Uusikaupunki


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Should you rent or buy a home?

Uusikaupunki consists of a dozen distinct neighborhoods and several vibrant villages. There is plenty of quite reasonably priced housing for sale, and different types of sites to build on. Besides private rental housing options, you can apply for city rental housing via the Service Point Passari.

City rental housing

The city of Uusikaupunki has 838 rental housing units and four large rental housing companies. With the companies, lease agreements are handled at the estate manager offices. Lease agreements for the housing units owned directly by the city are handled at the Service Point Passari. A rental security deposit must be made before the keys are handed over to the tenant.

Security deposit amounts:
1 room + kitchen/kitchenette, 400 €
2 rooms + kitchen/kitchenette, 500 €
3 rooms + kitchen and bigger, 600 €

To apply for city rental housing, fill in the online application. Any attachments to the application must be delivered to the Service Point Passari, located at Rauhankatu 10, at the stage when the applicant has accepted the offered housing. For soon-to-be-available housing opportunities, visit Vapautuvat asunnot (in Finnish only).

Applications for housing are valid for 3 months. The application can be renewed and updated using an online form. The applicants’ credit information is checked in the Suomen Asiakastieto Oy register.

The most important criterion in resident selection is the applicant’s need for housing. Preferences for specific residential areas are taken into account in resident selection. The basic rule for resident selection is that the flat in question contains one room per resident, but exceptions are possible; for example one person can be placed in a 2-room flat, if there are no 2-person household applications.

A poor credit history is not necessarily an obstacle for housing if the defaults are minor or if it can be assumed based on the applicant’s credit history that the defaults are not recurrent. Housing will not be offered to people who have unpaid back rent.

Private sector housing

Housing opportunities in the private rental market are usually advertised in the local papers ‘Uudenkaupungin Sanomat’ and ‘Vakka-Suomen Sanomat’. The following real estate portals list housing opportunities available for rent or sale, including apartments, summer cottages and work premises. When moving to Uusikaupunki, it is possible to be housed temporarily in modular flats located on Autonrakentajantie (Rentalstore) and Mältintie (RK-housing). The flats are furnished. The “Uudenkaupungin vuokra-asunnot” Facebook group  contains notices from private individuals who are renting out flats. You can also post a notice of your wishes to rent a flat in the group.
1. Make a change of address notification
Make the notification no sooner than one month before moving and at the latest one week after moving at

2. Redirect your mail
Redirect your mail to your new address and inform any companies that send you invoices of your new address.

3. Terminate your rental agreement
If you are currently renting, terminate your previous rental agreement in good time before moving out.

4. Notify schools and day care
If you have children, notify both the old and new schools and day cares of your new address.

5. Get a van and people to help you move
Think about how many people it will take to move your things and contact friends and family in good time.

6. Transfer your internet connection
Contact your internet service provider to transfer your agreement. The local broadband provider is VSP Shop.

7. Make a new electricity contract
Notify your electrical company of your move both when moving in and when moving out. The local electrical company is Lännen Omavoima.

8. Make a waste management contract
If you are moving into a detached house, make a waste management contract for your new address. Waste management companies operating in Uusikaupunki are Jätehuolto Helistölä and Remeo.

9. Check your home insurance
Check that your home insurance policy is sufficient for your new home.