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Leisure and sports

Youth work

Young people at a festival

Youth clubs:

There are three youth clubs in town:
Nuorisotalo Vantti
Kalannin nuokkari
Lokalahden nuortentupa
At the youth clubs, you can play pool, ping-pong, PlayStation, foozball and table hockey, airhockey, etc. You can also just come and chill out with a cup of coffee in good company. Youth clubs are aimed at young people under the age of 18.

Outreach youth work:

Outreach youth services are aimed at young adults under the age of 29. The goal is to help young people find the right services to help with education, work, and livelihood. Outreach youth workers will help you with difficult life situations, planning for your future, and discussing services that could help you. According to the Youth Act, educational establishments and the Defence Forces are obligated to provide outreach youth workers with the contact details of young people in need of support.
Outreach youth workers can help you when:
  • your studies have been disrupted,
  • you are looking for an internship, work, or place to study,
  • you need a flat,
  • you need help with coping with everyday life,
  • you need support in your life and planning for your future,
  • you just want to talk.
Parents or other people in a young person’s life can also contact outreach youth workers if they feel that professional guidance is needed to get the young person’s life or future plans in order. The service is confidential, based on your needs, and free or charge!

Youth services

Katriina Rauman
Responsible person for youth services
Tel. +358 50 383 5305

Pia Rauha
Youth worker
Tel. +358 50 383 5304

Marjo Koskinen
Youth worker
Tel. +358 50 557 9723

Erika Raitanen
Youth worker
Tel. +358 40 660 4350

Linda Sarivaara
Youth outreach worker
Tel. +358 44 705 5620

Titta Brunou
Youth outreach worker
Tel. +358 50 383 0891