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Swimming hall

Uudenkaupungin uimahallin hyppyallas

Closed during the summer 19.6.-1.8.2021

The public swimming pool and gyms are open with restrictions

Public swimming pool is open with advance reservation

The public swimming pool opens for a restricted number of customers. A maximum of 20 customers at a time may use the swimming pool.
To use the swimming pool, you must make a reservation using the electronic booking service.
The pool is only available by reservation. One person can make two reservations per week.
  • Please only use the swimming pool when you are healthy and do not have any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19.
  • The customer will be let in at the start of their reservation and must leave within the allotted time.
  • We recommend using a face mask outside the shower room, sauna, and pools.
  • The space is cleaned between visits.
  • Regular ticket fees apply.
  • Reservation time is 1 h 30 min (from door to door).
  • If the guidelines are not followed, the reservation may be cancelled.
Senior card holders and other special card holders will be compensated for the time during which the swimming pool was closed or for the time during which the card was valid during the closure.
Unfortunately we must make some changes to the opening hours to the swimming pool during summer, as there will be some school visits and swim club practices. Daily opening hours are published in the Vello booking service.
Make your reservation through Vello: https://vello.fi/uudenkaupunginliikuntapalvelut/
Further information and instructions tel. +358 50 420 5203.

Gyms is open with restrictions

The City of Uusikaupunki gyms open for private use for a maximum of 6 people at a time.

Further information from the public swimming pool cafeteria tel. +358 50 420 5203
  • Visitors are asked to wear a face mask in the changing rooms and all public spaces as well as in the gym whenever possible. 
  • Please keep a safe distance to others while in the gym and follow the instructions on hygiene. 
  • Regular ticket fees apply.
  • We recommend arriving at the gym in your gym clothes; only leave your outdoor clothes in the changing room. The showers are not available for use.
  • All gyms are restricted to a maximum of 6 people at a time.
  • Gym time is 1 h 15 min (from door to door) per visitor at all gyms.

In order to ensure the safety of all gym users and to observe the current COVID-19 restrictions, an electronic booking system is used for the swimming pool gym.
Daily opening hours are published in the Vello booking service.
Make your reservation at vello.fi/uudenkaupunginliikuntapalvelut
Making a reservation does not require registration. The Sports Services staff can help you in making your reservation. The gym is only available by reservation. If the guidelines are not followed, the gym may be closed.

Pohitulli, Kalanti, and Lokalahti gyms

The opening hours of the gyms are restricted to ensure school children a safe school day without outside contacts. At the moment, no advance reservation is needed for the Pohitulli, Kalanti and Lokalahti gyms, as there have been only few users. If the number of users increases, the vello.fi booking service may be activated for these gyms as well. Sports Services will monitor the number of users, and we hope to receive customer feedback about the use of the gyms. If the guidelines are not followed, the gyms may be closed. Opening hours are updated as required.
Opening hours:
weekdays 6 am to 9 pm
weekends from 6 am to 8 pm




  • Adults 5,00 €
  • Children (4-16 years old) 2,50 € (on weekdays 14.00-16.00) 1,50 €
  • Students  3,00 €
  • Seniors 3,50 €
  • Morning 3,50 € (Weekdays until 12.00)
  • Gym 4,00 €
  • Gym (students) 2,50 €
  • Gym and Swimming   Swimming  Fee +2,00 €
  • Baby Swimming 5,00 €
  • Family Ticket 13,00 €

Ticket Bundles

  • Adults 25 pcs 110 €
  • Adults 10 pcs 45 €
  • Children 25 pcs 55 €
  • Children 10 pcs 23 €
  • Students 25 pcs 60 €
  • Students 10 pcs 25 €
  • Seniors 25 pcs 70 €
  • Seniors 10 pcs  32 €

Gym Ticket Bundles

  • Gym 10 pcs 35 €
  • Monthly Season Ticket 40 €

Water Aerobics

  • Swimming Fee + 2,00 € (Aerobics Fee)
  • Water Aerobics Season Fee: 25,00 € Fall / 30,00 € Spring


Uudenkaupungin uimahalli
Koulupolku 5, 23500 Uusikaupunki
Tel.  050 420 5203

Closed during the summer 19.6.-1.8.2021