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Leisure and sports

Exercise Counceling

Guidance and counseling on health and exercising is provided free of charge by the instructors of Sport Services. Instructors can also provide information about the different sports opportunities in Uusikaupunki, whether it´s private, sports club or city-organized activity.

The goal is to activate residents into actively exercising voluntarily on their own terms. Our instructors will help you getting started with finding a suitable form of exercise.

Counseling service do not include rehabilitation services.

Exercise counseling is available to all residents of Uusikaupunki of all ages. The service is aimed toward people who are not used to exercise and who are considering start exercising for health benefits.

There is also a possibility of counseling remotely. You can contact us if you need help to start exercising of finding a suitable form of exercise. Feel free to contact our instructors and ask for help!

Feel free to contact us: liikuntaneuvonta@uusikaupunki.fi Phone: 050 557 9103