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Welcome to the Uusikaupunki Sports Services Website!

Here you can find out about our sports services and other activities. You can also find comprehensive information on the sports venues and facilities maintained by the city. We strive to increase the variety of sports services and activities in the city, so each resident can have the possibility to exercise and move in a way and at the level they see fit.
The aim is to provide enjoyable and purposeful sports services for the residents of Uusikaupunki by providing by high-quality and diverse services and effective communication about them so all citizens can be directed towards what they would enjoy. An important part of providing these services is cooperation with various parties.

For more information about the different services we provide, please visit:

On this map you can find all sports facilities in the Uusikaupunki area. Click to enlarge and move to the map service.


Contact us

Heidi Vuori
Responsible person for Exercise services
Tel. +358 50 552 5432

Outi Soininen
Service secretary
Tel. +358 50 383 5303