Mika Rämä live @ Public house Olkkari

Sat 18.2.2023 22:00

A man, a guitar and a bag of songs!

Mika Rämä is a singer-songwriter who has released two albums, a couple of EPs and twenty singles. The stories of the songs move strongly in the Finnish soul landscape, through which life and society are mirrored. Adding his own spices, the author's preference for county and folk music, influences from which can almost always be found in the songs. The latest publication "Sing of joy! Sing of sorrow!" came out a month ago, and in total the songs have collected almost a million listens on Spotify.

Public house Olkkari's evening will feature new and older productions, as well as selected borrowed songs. We move in the landscape of Finnish rock, where the story is told and the guitar plays!

Event location: 

Public house Olkkari, Uusikaupunki

Laulaja-lauluntekijä Mika Rämä laittaa kitaransa soimaan, ja tarjoaa aimo annoksen lauluja suoraan suomalaisesta sielunmaisemasta.

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