Ukrainian folk dance group "Volyn" (Lutsk)

Sat 16.7.2022 15:00 to 16:00
Ukrainian folk dance group “Volyn” is a professional artistic group founded in already distant now 1978 in the city of Luts’k, Volyn region. Over the years the group has performed more than 3,500 concerts enjoying a great success both in Ukraine and far abroad. It was well-received by the audiences in Canada, the USA, Italy, Greece, Poland, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and other countries.

The group’s repertoire is extremely diverse however its core is the Ukrainian folk dance. The concert program presents both old and modern dances representing various parts of Ukraine. It goes without saying that the famous Cossack dance – a part of the Ukrainian folk culture – is also included in the program.

Six artists are involved in the concert program which the group are preparing for their forthcoming concert tour of Finland. The choreographer of the ensemble is Yuriy Smirnov. “Volyn” for him is the main thing of his whole life.
Bright and expressive movements, virtuoso jumps, lightning-fast rotation of the dancing dynamics – all this is a unique blend of colour, energy and artistry which the Ukrainian folk dance group “Volyn” will present the Finnish audience in July 2022.

The concert is produced by Cultural Services of Uusikaupunki and International Ukrainian Cultural Centre.

Event location: 
Kultuurikeskus Cruselli
Kullervontie 11A

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050 4205401
Petri Hatakka