Haunting in the smock mill – the gripping audio tale in Myllymäki Windmill Park

Mon 18.7.2022 to Sun 24.7.2022
Once upon a time there was a sleepy miller. He played violin in the bowels of the windmill, hoping that the melodies would give the mill mysterious powers to make the flour particularly fine. Once in a hundred years, melodies of the magical violin awakens the smock mill to life and now we get to hear the thrilling sounds of the past in the shadows of the windmill.
The fictional audio tale is written inspired by the history of the smock mill and ancient stories. It is suitable for children and the likeminded. The edge of the mill is decorated with fairy tale drawings and the entire story can also be read from the mill’s story board in either Finnish or English.
18.7.-24.7.2022 from 10.00 to 20.00
Myllymäki Windmill Park, Uusikaupunki
Story and implementation: Mikko Rantanen
Graphics: Petri Aulin
The audio installation does not contain speech and has a duration of approximately 6 minutes.
In cooperation: Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Uusikaupunki
The story and sound sample: https://dramagun.nettisivu.org/?page_id=1314
Event location: 
Myllymäen puisto, Myllyrinne 3, Uusikaupunki.

Other event information:

044 336 1314