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Day care and education

Other institutions

Lounais-Suomen ammattiopisto Novida

Novida – vocational and general upper secondary education and training

Novida – vocational and general upper secondary education and training aims to provide educational services for students of all ages qualifying for different trades and professions. Fields of education include: culture sector, natural resources and the environment sector, technology, communication and transport sector, social sciences, business and administration sector, natural sciences, social services and catering sectors.

More information available at Novida's website

Vakka-Suomi Adult Education Centre (Vakka-Suomen kansalaisopisto)

Vakka-Suomi Adult Education Centre is a regional adult education establishment that began its operation in January 2007. The centre operates in six municipalities (Kustavi, Pyhäranta, Taivassalo, Uusikaupunki, and Vehmaa).
The centre offers a wide range of courses for people of all ages, including goal-oriented, hobby-based adult education courses, courses for children and young corresponding to the syllabus of Basic Education in the Arts, as well as open higher education courses and possibilities for employee continuing education.
The main focus points in the centre’s education are crafts, arts, sports, health and wellbeing as well as languages, IT skills, and societal subjects. Our most important educational goals are increasing command of the basic skills required by the information society as well as developing preparedness to function in the civil society. Multiculturality and internationality are also visible in our operation. For example the centre organises low-threshold language learning to support the integration of immigrants.
The centre’s courses are open to all the inhabitants of the centre’s area of operation, regardless of where the course is held. Course participation is subject to a fee that is specified during enrolment.
More information on courses is available at the centre’s website.

Vakka-Suomen musiikkiopisto music school

Vakka-Suomen musiikkiopisto music school was founded in 1970, and it is a state-subsidised music school managed by the City of Laitila. The school’s area of operations includes Laitila, Kustavi, Pyhäranta, Taivassalo, Vehmaa, and Uusikaupunki.
The teaching of the music school aims at developing pupils’ skills for creative and versatile musical activities and performances as well as preparedness for vocational studies in music.
The Uusikaupunki branch of the school is located at Raatihuone, Rauhankatu 10.

More information available at music school's website.