Kasvatus ja opetus
Day care and education

Basic education

Uudenkaupungin yhtenäiskoulu
Children living permanently in Finland are legally obligated to attend basic education. Compulsory education normally begins during the year when the child turns seven and ends when the basic education syllabus has been completed or when ten years have passed since the beginning of compulsory education.

Primary school covers classes 1–9 and is meant for all children aged 7–16. The objective of basic education is to support the pupils’ growth into member of the society and to teach them necessary knowledge and skills. During the first six years, teaching is usually provided by a class teacher who teaches all or most subjects. The final three years are usually divided into subject-based teaching, and different subjects are taught by different teachers. Basic education, learning materials and other required equipment are free of charge. Additionally, on school days all pupils have the right to a school meal free of charge and, if certain criteria are met, to school transport.

In Uusikaupunki, basic education is provided in six different schools:

Classes 1–6
Hakametsä, Lokalahti, Pyhämaa, and Saarnisto schools

Classes 1–9
Kalanti school, Uusikaupunki comprehensive school

Class-form special needs education is provided in the following schools:
Saarnisto school (1–9), Hakametsä school (1–9) and Uusikaupunki comprehensive school (7–9).

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